Seattle Sports Photographer

Mason Kelley was looking for a different way to tell the stories of Seattle athletes.

He wanted to find a way to bring life to the words he was writing as a sports journalist. Then, while working for the University of Washington’s football team, he was handed a camera.

Mason spent the next decade honing his craft, adding photography tools, and growing as a sports action and portrait photographer.

Today he works with local high schools and other athletes in the greater Seattle area to create senior portraits and action photos students, and their families, will cherish for a lifetime.

Cam Corcora
Romeo Finley

For the past two decades, Mason has worked with athletes at every level, from high school and college to MLB, NBA, NFL and XFL to create compelling stories.

He started as a sports journalist working for newspapers, magazines and websites and transitioned to working inside of sports organizations, from the University of Washington’s football program to the wider athletic department, in addition to working with the University of Miami, Florida International University and the XFL’s Seattle Dragons.

From social media to long-form storytelling and photography, Mason has built his career around telling memorable stories.

Romeo Finley